VIDEO: Barns Green shop losing thousands of pounds after BT line is lost

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A village shop and Post Office described as the local life-line is losing thousands of pounds of business during its busiest week of the year after telephone and internet connection went down.

Barns Green Village Store, based around four miles outside of Horsham town in Chapel Road, lost the vital BT line after a telegraph pole was damaged in a collision with a car on Thursday afternoon (December 5).

Pensioners are unable to draw out their pensions and the owners cannot operate the Post Office or accept debit/credit cards.

Pippa Heritage, co-owner, told the County Times: “It’s the busiest week of the year and we’re turning people away.

“We’re losing lots of money. People are coming in with baskets of shopping, getting to the till and realising there’s no credit card facility, putting it back and just walking out.”

She said communication with BT has been poor.

Her husband David added: “The week prior to the accident our credit card takings were £2,400, since the accident they’ve been zero.

“We’re a rural business and people rely on us.”

The shop will remain open but can only accept cash.

A spokesperson for BT said a new telegraph pole will be installed on Friday December 13.

“There was a road traffic accident that affected the network in Chapel Road on December 5.

“Engineers will provide a new telegraph pole on December 13 and have arranged for temporary traffic lights to assist the work.

“The work is due to be completed on December 13 and service restored then, barring any unforeseen difficulties.

“We apologise to those people who have had their service affected, Openreach engineers – who maintain the local network - are working as fast as possible to restore service.”




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