Southwater man hoping for title of ‘Britain’s Best Groomed Man’

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A Southwater man hopes to become Britain’s Best Groomed Man in a competition that aims to raise awareness of men’s health.

Curtis Lyon, 23, from Millfield, Southwater, has made it into the top 30 from thousands of applicants and now hopes to secure a once in a lifetime one-year modelling contract to become the face of premium male grooming brand, ‘The Bluebeards Revenge’.

“It’s amazing. It started off top 100, then top 50 and now top 30 so it’s quite an achievement to get, I was so l chuffed,” explained Curtis.

“I hope I’d win, it would be a life changing experience if I did and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I do. It’s a one in 30 chance but there are so many other good looking guys on there as well.”

The Bluebeards Revenge conducted a survey alongside men’s cancer charity ‘Orchid’ and which revealed that whilst men are spending more time in the bathroom and the ‘grooming gender gap’ is narrowing, they are still failing to self-check for cancer unlike their female counterparts who benefit from major health campaigns.

“It’s really good and really helpful because it’s not a thing most guys regularly know about to check to yourself and I’ve never really done it either. It made me think that actually I should check myself more often,” admitted Curtis, who has recently got a job as a barman in Piries Bar while trying to start up modelling.

“Getting the message out there would be really good for other men. Everyone knows about women’s cancers but it’s one of the things men don’t talk about.”

The survey showed that that three quarters of UK men recognise that a lump in the testes could be a sign of testicular cancer but 25% still never check their testes.

Rebecca Porta, Chief Executive of Orchid, said: “Checking testes takes less than five minutes and is a vital first step in the battle against testicular cancer. If caught early enough there is a 98% chance of survival.”

They are looking to use this national competition as way of not only promoting good shaving, but also to encourage men to self-check for cancer.

Nick Gibbens, spokesperson forThe Bluebeards Revenge, said: “Our search is finally complete, and it’s now over to you, the Great British public, to crown Britain’s best groomed man.

“But it’s not going to be an easy task, as each finalist has the sharp dress sense of Daniel Craig, the stylish locks of David Beckham, the masculine skin tone of Gerard Butler, the chiselled jawline of Jason Statham, and the overall manliness of Ray Winstone.”

Gary Ogden, aged 45, from Horsham, is also in the running for Britain’s Best Groomed Man.

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