Shoreham mother is inspired by seaside

Daisy Dawson, working at her kitchen table with her youngest daughter fast asleep in the sling

Daisy Dawson, working at her kitchen table with her youngest daughter fast asleep in the sling

SHOREHAM Beach has helped inspire a new series of watercolours by artist Daisy Dawson.

The 34-year-old mother of two has recently been accepted into the Shoreham Gallery collective, a group of artists who work together to run the gallery in Brunswick Road, Shoreham.

Daisy, who lives in Shoreham with her husband Mark and daughters Alina and Ottilie, works under the name Mimidee – mimi being her daughter’s name for banana and ‘D’ being the first letter of both her first name and surname.

She said: “I work from home, mostly at my kitchen table, where I’m often at the mercy of small children and the perils they bring to a freshly mounted crisp white sheet of watercolour paper.

“Only the other day, I found myself about to erase pencil marks with a piece of chewed up apple.”

She has an illustrative style and her favourite medium is watercolour and ink.

Daisy said: “A few years ago, while at art college, I daubed acrylic, smoothed on pastels, crumbled charcoal and gouged and stamped lino prints endlessly.

“But there was one medium that I always returned to – watercolour and ink, with which I perfected my illustrative style, although at the time I had no idea in which direction it would eventually lead me.”

Then close friends announced they were moving from the south coast to London and Dawn wanted to create a reminder of living by the sea for their daughter.

“For weeks after they told us they were leaving, I would get flashes of an image in my mind – a picture of a seagull, standing on the iconic pebbles of a south coast beach.”

Once she had created the memento, Daisy took a photo on her phone and shared the painting with friends online.

“Within half an hour, I had four commissions for new designs. And so Mimidee was born,” she said.

“Since the original seagull, my inspiration always comes back to the sea and its ever-changing and often dramatic scenery. My recent collection, all displayed in Shoreham Gallery, are Shoreham Beach scenes, all depicting the stories of people enjoying time by the sea.”

Vist or visit Shoreham Gallery, open Monday to Friday, 10am to 5.3pm, Saturday, 9am to 5.30pm, and Sunday, 11am to 4pm.




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