Senior councillor under pressure to resign after NCP failings sham

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PRESSURE on a senior councillor to resign from his cabinet position in the wake of the NCP debacle has increased after it emerged he will stay in his role.

Worthing Borough Council lost a reported £800,000 after a settlement to the parking giants following an error on a contract, negotiated in October 2009.

While chief executive Alex Bailey has apologised for officer shortcomings, the Liberal Democrats believe cabinet member for environment Clive Roberts should take ultimate responsibility.

Liberal Democrat group leader Keith Sunderland said Cllr Roberts had ‘told an untruth’ at a full council meeting, indicating he was in post at the time.

But it was later revealed he was paid his cabinet member allowance from September 2009.

Cllr Sunderland said: “I think he should resign because he is quick to take the credit for the good things but not be accountable when things go wrong.

“He needs to wake up and smell the coffee.”

The calls come after the Herald was leaked the draft list of Worthing Borough Council’s cabinet and committee member appointments, following a private Conservative meeting last Tuesday. Cllr Roberts looks set to keep his cabinet role, while Gaisford ward councillor Val Turner is to be handed the vacant health and wellbeing job, according to the document. No other cabinet posts were reshuffled.

In response, Cllr Roberts said he plans to make a statement to the council to explain he did not mean to mislead members but that negotiations had taken place before he was in post.

He said: “I have done nothing wrong.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, June 5.




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