Rudgwick great-grandmother celebrates 101st birthday

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editorial image

A great-grandmother is celebrating her 101st birthday with a family gathering today (Sunday August 3).

Kathleen Shaw, who lives in Rudgwick, was featured in the County Times last year when she celebrated her 100th birthday.

She celebrates her birthday tomorrow (Monday August 4), and offered some tips to living a long and happy life.

She said: “People always say ‘you need to eat this and you need to eat that’.

“I eat everything, chocolate, red wine, the lot, but everything in moderation.

“You must keep going, I still try to be active.”

Around 130 people attended Kathleen’s 100th birthday bash, and she explained that relatives from the likes of South Africa and New York turned out for the party.

Her 101st party was a quieter affair with immediate family attending.




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