Horsham snapper documents her year in 365-day image challenge

Su Reed from Horsham took one photograph each day for a year

Su Reed from Horsham took one photograph each day for a year

Inspired by the natural world and her family, a Horsham woman has documented a year of her life by taking one photograph every day for a year.

Su Reed, 56, of Horsham, used the photo blogging platform www.blipfoto.com to store each of the 365 images.

She said: “My journal is an eclectic mix of things that please me: bugs, my family, places I visit.

“What inspires me to take photos is mostly the natural world around me. I especially like taking macro shots, as you see things you can’t normally see, and I love to share this with others. I am also inspired by my lovely family, especially my eight grandchildren.”

Su, a senior lab technician, heard about the Blipfoto challenge through a friend, and signed up last March.

For 365 days, the keen photographer took photos documenting her daily life.

She said: “My photography skills have certainly improved since I started ‘Blipping’.

“I have been inspired to take portraits, and that skill has really improved.

“Now, I also see pictures naturally, everything is a potential ‘Blip’ these days!”

She encouraged anyone considering saving a year of their life in this format to give it a try.

She said: “It is fantastic fun, and in the dark days of winter a real challenge.

“I love looking back through my journal, and reliving the moment I took some of the shots.”

Here is a selection of some of Su’s photos from her year-long project.




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