Council prepared if snow hits Horsham district this week

JPCT 18-01-13 S13040515X Snow. Horsham Park -photo by Steve Cobb

JPCT 18-01-13 S13040515X Snow. Horsham Park -photo by Steve Cobb

The council’s Severe Weather Plan for heavy snow and low temperatures is ready to be put into place if needed this week.

Temperatures are expected to drop later this week with snow expected in some parts of the UK on Thursday and Friday,

The council’s website and Horsham District Council Facebook page will also be regularly updated with information for the public in the event of severe weather, along with snow clearing advice.

During severe weather HDC is responsible for clearing snow in priority public places it owns, finding housing for anyone in need, assisting other agencies, and maintaining its services.

The plan explains which agency is responsible for what, whilst clarifying the liability of members of the public if they help out in the event of severe weather.

In severe weather conditions HDC will make a decision about sending out refuse and recycling collection crews each morning.

Crews will not be sent out if the conditions are considered to be hazardous to the waste operatives or members of the public.

The Severe Weather Plan also covers what other agencies do, for example the gritting and clearing roads, pavements and public areas of snow is organised by West Sussex County Council.

For more information about severe weather planning call HDC on 01403 215125 or email tony.skelding@horsham.gov.uk




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