Concern over pedestrian safety at Rudgwick Brickworks development

Residents of Lynwick Street, Rudgwick, concerned over plans to restore the clay pit in Rudgwick Brickworks

Residents of Lynwick Street, Rudgwick, concerned over plans to restore the clay pit in Rudgwick Brickworks

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‘Fatalities will occur’ unless a planning application to restore an area of Rudgwick Brickworks is mitigated, a village resident has claimed.

Applicant R Harrison and Sons Limited has proposed a restoration of the former clay pit in the brickworks in Lynwick Street.

At a meeting of Rudgwick Parish Council’s planning committee, residents of Lynwick Street expressed their concerns over the safety of pedestrians, due to the number of vehicles transporting materials, the regularity of their visits and speed limits.

Speaking after the meeting, resident Keith Mantle said: “If no pedestrian consideration is given, where do pedestrians walk when tractors go by?

“If this isn’t done properly, fatalities will occur. If there is no mitigation we will have a big protest.

“I thought the planning committee handled the situation very well. We look forward to their recommendation and to see if West Sussex County Council take up these points.”

As well as restoration of the clay pit, the application includes ‘remodeling of the existing land form to enable a change of use to agricultural land’.

During the meeting, Mr Mantle and other residents made several requests to the parish council to recommend the application be made safer.

Chairman of the committee David Buckley said: “I think the feeling is we do not object to the planning application in principle and recognise the fact we want the pit to be filled in, but we need to think about the mitigation.

“We must be looking at limitations on the number of lorries. It is a perfectly reasonable statement for people to say we don’t want lorries on the streets.

“People who are walking their dogs around the Downs link area should have some sort of protection from the roadway, because there is no designation between the footway and the road.”

Paul Thompson added: “I think if we suggest a 30mph speed limit and traffic lights, at least we would have made our feelings known.”

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