Cheeky mink heads for Jo’s spare room through cat flap


Cat food helped catch a mink that made a rare call to a house.

Jo Toase chased the elusive creature around a spare room at her home in Freeks Lane, Burgess Hill, for two hours with a wildlife rescue worker before it was put into a box.

Her neighbour Sonia Parker, of Wildlife Rescue, who helped catch the mink said: “To get a wild mink in your house is almost unheard of.

“I must admit that when Jo rang me and described a black creature darting out from behind her sofa and running up the stairs the last thing I expected it to be was a mink.

I had no idea that was what it was and I am so pleased it all ended well.

“They must not be approached by anyone who doesn’t have protective gauntlets as mink can cause serious injury if they bite.”

Jo said: “I have no idea where he came from but can only think that there may be some living at Bedelands.

“He was only young so perhaps he was hungry and looking for food, I don’t know why he picked my house but he found his way through my cat flap.

They are very cute animals and it is a shame they are hated by so many people.”