Why are new homes being demolished in Hurstpierpoint?

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‘Shocked’ and ‘amazed’ are how some Hurstpierpoint residents felt when they saw brand new homes in the village being levelled this week.

Diggers have been seen ploughing through the new build properties in Chalkers Lane, prompting bemused passers-by to contact the Middy for an explanation.

“Is it possible to find out why houses that have been erected by Croudace at Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint,in a new development given permission late last year, have been demolished?” asked Hurst resident

David Bryning.

Deborah Llewellyn, who lives opposite the development site on the junction of Cuckfield Road and Chalkers Lane, said: “When I first saw the mess I thought, oh great, they are turning it back to nature again!

“But of course I knew that was not the case, so then I thought what an outrageous waste of money, how incompetent.

“And how annoying, as now the noise and disruption will carry on for much longer than originally planned.”

The homes are being constructed by developer Croudace, whose building director Gary Rapson explained they have had to demolish ‘about 15’ new builds due to substandard concrete being used.

“We have had a look at all the options available and concluded that for long term durability and to maintain high standards, the only action is to rebuild the affected units,” he said.

Chair of the parish council John Wilkinson said levelling the homes had proved a talking point in the area.

“If you see housing started and then aborted people wonder why, and rumours start racing around the village,” he said.

“But I don’t think there is any glee involved, just what on earth has happened there?”

Mrs Llewellyn had wondered if recent rainfall had highlighted flood problems, but Mr Rapson confirmed that ‘it isn’t ground conditions that have caused the problems, but it is to do with an issue with the foundations’.

“Something did not go according to plan,” he said, adding that in their own quality control inspection ‘something came up awry - a genuine mistake by a party’.

When finished the development will consist of 38 dwellings, including some affordable housing as well as four and five bedroom properties.

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