Bubble football in zorb suits comes to Hassocks

Bubble Bounce Football comes to Hassocks Leisure Centre on August 19
Bubble Bounce Football comes to Hassocks Leisure Centre on August 19

The beautiful game is turning bubbly on August 19 with three sessions of football in body zorb suits in Hassocks.

Bubble Bounce Football comes to Hassocks Leisure Centre, operated by Freedom Leisure, in five-a-side contests.

Bubble Bounce Football in action

Bubble Bounce Football in action

Kathy Colman, Freedom Leisure centre manager, said: “Bubble Bounce Football is a brand new concept and players should come prepared for fun as this is one game of football that really can’t be taken too seriously.

“There is no doubt that wearing a body zorb suit will make seeing the ball a challenge, let alone kicking it in the right direction and I suspect we will have more than a few players bounced off balance.”

Contact is guaranteed and bouncy fouls inevitable as players try to get close to the ball without being bounced off course by their opponents.

“Bubble Bounce Football is also a great spectator sport and I would encourage people to book early to avoid disappointment,” Kathy added.

The introductory sessions of Bubble Bounce Football are for players aged eight years and above.

Children aged 8 to 15 can play from 5pm—6pm and adults aged 16+ can play from 6-7pm or 7-8pm.

Each session costs £8 per person per hour and it is advisable to book in advance to secure your place.

Individuals and smaller groups of friends are welcome as the five-a-side teams will be formed on the day. The games will be fully supervised and professionally refereed.

To book your place phone 01273 841348, email hassocksenquiries@freedom-leisure.co.uk or call into reception.