Brothers beat 600 to scale Kilimanjaro

jpco-27-2-13 Brothers Ben and Nathan Cord climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for diabetes (Pic by Jon Rigby)
jpco-27-2-13 Brothers Ben and Nathan Cord climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for diabetes (Pic by Jon Rigby)

Two brothers beat nearly 600 climbers to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro when they took on the trek for charity.

Ben, 22, and Nathan Cord, 20, from West Green, set out on the six day challenge not knowing they would face temperatures of -27 degrees celsius and 100km per hour winds.

They started their expedition on February 10 with 600 climbers, each taking different routes.

Nathan explained that only 40 people reached the summit as the weather got the better of most of the others.

He said: “We were the last to leave the base and the first to arrive at the summit.

“We had no idea the others hadn’t made it until we got back.

“The weather wasn’t meant to be as bad as it was. A lot of people were being turned away at a certain height but our guide just said we could do it.”

Nathan, who is studying to be a personal trainer, said everyone in his group was very fit.

He said: “The two women did triathlons, two men did endurance running. One guy was training to fly a para-glider off the seventh tallest summit in the world so he was used to climbing!”

Ben, who is hoping to become a mountain climbing guide, explained how it felt to be 5,895 metres above sea level.

He said: “Me and my brother both got headaches and felt like we had a hangover. It’s about half the amount of oxygen up there.

“I didn’t notice problems with breathing but one man was hyperventilating.”

The duo took on the endurance test in an aim to raise £1,500 for Walking With the Wounded and Diabetes UK.

They have raised £1,240 so far but are still hoping for more donations as their mother, Sarah, 46, has diabetes.

Nathan explained how the condition affects his mother.

He said: “She has to have injections every day. She has fainted and an ambulance has to get called.

“The charity funds research for cures.”