Borde Hill Estate promises public consultation

Borde Hill Estate has responded to news that it has put forward another tranche of its land as a possible site for housing development.

The estate owns the Borde Hill estate on the northern side of Haywards Heath over to Cuckfield and Brook Street to the west.

land opposite Hanlye Lane, near borde hill

land opposite Hanlye Lane, near borde hill

Land it owns at Penland Farm between Penland Road and Hanlye Lane has long been known as a site which it has put forward for consideration for housing.

But Anty and Staplefield Parish Council has now been notified of Sugworth Farm as another location which the estate is flagging up as potential land suitable for building on.

In a statement Borde Hill Estate said: “In response to the District’s requirement to provide more housing Borde Hill Estate has entered into an agreement with Catesby Estates Ltd for the promotion of land at Penland and Sugworth Farms for residential development.

“At this time plans are in their infancy and no decision on the number of proposed homes etc has been taken.

land opposite Hanlye Lane, near borde hill

land opposite Hanlye Lane, near borde hill

“The Partnership is committed to consulting local residents and their representatives as the proposals develop and Clair Hall has been booked for an initial public exhibition on 16th July.

“In the meantime the Partnership will be undertaking a number of consultative meetings with local community groups and organisations in the area.”

Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council has been informed that Sugworth Farm could be suitable for 175 homes while plans have been seen that show a housing estate for 325 homes at Penland Farm.

Mid Sussex District Council is still in the process of completing its District Plan.

But Haywards Heath Town Council says its wants any housing that is needed for the area to be built on brownfield sites before greenfield sites are taken.