Bob raises £20,000 with record year

mayor Bob Smytherman celebrates his year
mayor Bob Smytherman celebrates his year

MAYOR Bob Smytherman has been carrying out his final few duties this week before the mayoral role is handed to Vic Walker tomorrow.

Mayor Making will take place in the town hall at mid-day.

This week the money Bob has raised for his three charities, the Alzheimer’s Society, Mind West Sussex and Guild Care, was counted.

He said: “We have raised £20,000, which is an incredible amount. This will be split equally between the three charities which have a broad mental illness link and are close to my heart after I lost my sister, who suffered post natal depression.

“What is really nice is that the single biggest donation was £100 so this means that the whole community has been involved in this fundraising effort rather than rich people giving big chunks, which is not what I wanted.

“We think it is a record amount for a mayor to have raised. My target was £15,000 but I did not dream we would get anything like that.”

For more on Guild Care’s Building a Home to Remember appeal, see page 27.

See next week’s Herald for a round-up of Bob’s year.