A-level results: Head’s delight at school’s achievement

Oriel High students are celebrating the best A Level results ever achieved by the school.

The overall pass rate rose to 99 per cent with 50 per cent at grades A* to B and an impressive 12 per cent of all grades were awarded A*.

Some of the highest achievers included Luke Baily, who was awarded an A* in Maths and Further Maths and an A in Chemistry and Physics.

He said he was relieved to finally have his results.

He said: “I checked my results online at 3am this morning and found out I got into Cambridge University.”

Headteacher Philip Stack said: “We are delighted for our Year 13 students.

“Their results are a credit to them, their families and the staff of Oriel High School.”

Arjun Mistry achieved an A* in Fine Art and RE, a B in English and a C in Physics.

He said he was most proud of his C grade in Physics after working hard to improve his grade throughout the two years.

He said: “I was surprised because I kept getting U grades in AS. My teacher was really cool and made it fun. We set fire to pencils and stuff.”

Katie Mason said she was ‘glad she put in the work’ after she achieved an A in Maths and Chemistry and a B in Physics.

The pass rate at Hazelwick School was 99.6 per cent with 47 per cent of all grades at A* to B.

The school’s first ever head boy Prasanna Ganeshan was the star pupil as he achieved three A* grades and one A.

He said he would go on to study Medicine at the University of Birmingham.

He said: “I didn’t sleep last night at all. I was so nervous.”

He gave his advice to other students: “Just keep going at it and work hard because you can achieve it and don’t let your targets out of sight.”

Headteacher Ann Fearon said she was very proud of all the students, with much credit to Prasanna.

She said: “He’s always involved in so many things and he’s the classic all rounder and he’s also one of the nicest students you could ever meet.”

Jo O’Connor achieved an A* in Maths and an A in Further Maths, Physics and Electronics.

She said she was going on to study mechanical engineering at the Imperial College of London.

She said: “There’s only 10 per cent girls on that course so I’m really pleased I made the cut!”

Adam Chase, head of sixth form, added: “We are really pleased the students have done so well. I’m so proud that the majority of the students got into their university of choice.”

At Ifield Community College 63 per cent of students achieved A* to B.

Carl Pittaway, head of sixth form, said he was ‘very impressed’ with students.

He said: “It shows how committed they’ve been and we are very pleased. This is my second year in this role and they have done better than last year.”

Rashid Chitou achieved one A and two Bs.

He said: “I woke up four times in the night and I woke up at 6.50am to check UCAS then had to wait till 8am.”