Ted Wynter and 60 years of Hazelwick School

Hazelwick School celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

The school has been something of a trend-setter over the past few years, being one of the first in the area to gain foundation and trust status, followed closely by Academy status.

Crawley History - Hazelwick School

Crawley History - Hazelwick School

With the appointment of Ann Fearon as the school’s first female headteacher, the future for students looks rosy – now let’s take a look at their contemporaries from past decades.

These pictures come courtesy of West Sussex Past Pictures (http://www.westsussexpast.org.uk) and give glimpses of school life in the 60s and 70s.

The school opened in 1953 under the leadership of Philip Keyte, who came up with its motto “effort achieves”, which is still used today.

Starting life as a secondary modern, it became fully comprehensive in 1960.

Crawley History - Hazelwick School

Crawley History - Hazelwick School

At around that time, the school opened a swimming pool and bathing club.

It was opened by Hepzibah Carmen MBE – a Justice of the Peace and local councillor – who released a sizeable boat onto the water to mark the occasion.

Given that it was a swimming pool, does anyone know why the boat was brought in?

One of the first teachers to join the staff was Ted Wynter, head of the craft department, who taught metalwork, woodwork and technical drawing for 18 years.

He can be seen in three of these pictures at the time of his retirement in July 1976. Mr Wynter died in 1999.

The picture of his final registration class’ shows: (Back 
row, from left): Kevin Bass, Clive Bolter, Nicholas Spree, Anne Richards, Jacqueline Hall, Ted Wynter, Julie 
Toyne, Carol Milborrow, Steven How, A. Hendrie; front row: Gillian Robertshaw, Julie Stevenson, Pamela Newman, Deborah Bailey, Georgina Bremner, Amanda Flett, Jill Brown.

Are any of Mr Wynter’s old pupils still out there?