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Console Corner: Ratchet and Clank review

Ratchet-ing up the platformer.

Patricia Hodge NNL-141121-105812001

REVIEW: Travels With My Aunt

A new musical based on the novel by Graham Greene at the Chichester Festival Minerva Studio.

Diana Reich in the garden at Charleston.  Picture by Axel Hesslenberg

Charleston offers an eclectic mix at this year’s festival

Charleston Festival (May 20-30) celebrates a special landmark this year.

Stones In His Pockets

Bittersweet comedy and Lovecraftian chills at Horsham’s Capitol

Two very different theatrical productions are coming to Horsham Capitol Theatre next month.

From left: Jan Bell, Chrystelle Tarr and Hazelle Woodhurst. Picture by Alan Needham

Hurst Players present a haunting play by Alan Ayckbourn

The Hurst Players are getting ready to perform the Alan Ayckbourn play Snake In The Grass for their next production.

Cinema rss

Alan Rickman in his final on-screen role SUS-160423-091449001

Film review: Eye in the Sky (4 out of 5)

We’ve all seen footage on TV of rockets fired from drones blowing up buildings and military vehicles.

Jungle Book

Film review: The Jungle Book (4 out of 5)

The latest Disney classic cartoon to be revisited with a modern format has arrived on the big screen and is definitely not the cute, cuddly story we saw back in 1967.


DVD review: Asmodexia (3 out of 5)

From the opening scene of this horror movie we are in no doubt that this is going to be a full-on tale with a lot of growling and blood.

The Last Man On The Moon

Film review: The Last Man On The Moon (4 out of 5)

Everyone remembers the first man on the Moon - but how about the last one?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Film Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (4 out of 5)

For many comic fans, DC’s Superman and Batman will always be the very definition of superheroes.

Columnists rss


Business Picture. Worthing Herald Business Reporter, Oli Poole. ENGSUS00120130620162236

From the business desk: Share your stories of cyber crime and fraud

We are all just one click away from becoming a victim of cyber crime – and its effects on businesses can be devastating.

JPCT 150713 Alan Stainer. Photo by Derek Martin

Technology is a liberating thing

There is no doubt about it, technology is a liberating thing. Culturally we are interconnected with billions of people from around the world. Mobile technology and the rise of the internet has made it is easy to share news, ideas and opinions. With just a few clicks or the touch of a button, we can suddenly be transported to a moment in history on the other side of the planet.

JPCT 150713 Alan Stainer. Photo by Derek Martin

Remember - constant vigilance!

Consistency is key. Have you ever been to a website to find a phone number, but found no one picking up when you rang? How about that contact address you sent a letter to three weeks ago, but you got no reply from? Then of course there is that email address that keeps sending back delivery failure notifications.

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Chateau Pape Clement - the vineyard of a Pope

One of the oldest of the great Bordeaux vineyards is located in Pessac, a short distance from the centre of Bordeaux.

JPCT 150713 Alan Stainer. Photo by Derek Martin

New ways of paying for the web

The web is constantly evolving, with new ideas coming forward all the time to give more choice for businesses and their audiences.

Food and Drink rss

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Spring barbecue and beer tasting at Bedlam Brewery

Bedlam Brewery hosted a barbecue with beer tasting and guided tours of their brewery in Albourne on April 21.

Games and Gaming rss

Golden Axe

Re-live your misspent youth with SEGA’s official Mega Drive emulator!

SEGA is releasing its official Mega Drive emulator this week - allowing you to relive the 1990s with classic games such as Golden Axe, Streets of Rage 2 and Shinobi III:Return of the Ninja Master.

Rumours abound about the Sony PS4K, codenamed NEO

Sony Playstation rumours fly as PS4 update NEO is ‘leaked’

Rumours of an update to the Sony Playstation have heightened, with a gaming website claiming to have seen the spec for the PS4.5.

Battleborn is a colourful hero shooter out on May 3

Console Corner: Battleborn preview

Battleborn looks fun but flawed.

The Doom open beta is live from April 15 through to April 17

Console Corner: Prepare for impending Doom

One of the single most important video games in history has been given a hotly anticipated next gen sequel more than 20 years on and you can play it this weekend.

Carmageddon MaxDamage is due for release midway through 2016

Console Corner: Pushing boundaries to the Max

You may have seen that cult classic Carmageddon is getting a next gen remake sparking some bad press... but I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

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